Prior to founding Nassau Animal Hospital, Dr. Garruba worked as an Associate veterinarian at the Lawrence Hospital for Animals from 1987 to 2001, where he solidified his training in general medicine and surgery for small animals. The hospital was eventually bought by a national corporation and Dr. Garruba found the practice too confining. He also longed to donate part of his time to the care of stray cats and dogs, so he launched the Nassau Animal Hospital in January 2001. He also longed to donate part of his time to the care of stray cats and dogs, so he launched the Nassau Animal Hospital in January 2001.

A life-long animal lover, Dr. Garruba first tapped into his passion for animal wellness as a teenager. He applied for working papers at the age of 14 and started to work after school and weekends at Weber’s Kennel cleaning cages and feeding dogs! That followed with a job at the Lawrence Animal Hospital where he was able to observe all aspects of a veterinary hospital. Dr. Garruba worked there as an assistant during the summers of his college years and eventually as a veterinarian.

A go-to facility for local rescue groups such as Pet Rescue of Mercer, Animal Allies and Res-Q-Pets, Nassau Animal Hospital provides a vital community resource for these groups. Dr. Garruba and his team have been referred to as “skilled veterinarians and professionals with hearts of gold.” In 2009 Dr. Garruba received the Animal Advocate Award by Animal Alliance to celebrate his unending generosity, compassion and dedication to shelter and rescue animals.

A life-long Lawrenceville native, Dr. Garruba and Angie reside in Lawrenceville with their dog Abby and four cats Charlotte, Frannie, Rootbeer, and Mario. Mario has special needs being born with a neurologic disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia. This causes him to have poor motor control over his movements and he stumbles and falls a lot. Dr. Garruba and Angie have rearranged their home to accommodate Mario’s special needs. He is greatly loved and they travel with him whenever possible! Dr. Garruba is a committed member of the Lawrenceville community, taking active roles in the Greater Eldridge Park Neighborhood Association and the Church of St. Ann Adult Choir.


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